1. The hirer of the vehicle shall be responsible for the conduct of all passengers.  We reserve the right to invoice or make a charge to the hirer’s credit/debit card for any losses, repairs, replacements, or valeting costs resulting from damage or fouling to the vehicle or its fixtures caused by the hirer or passengers.  See Conditions f) & g) below.
  2. It is important that all passengers are ready to board the vehicle at the agreed collection time to enable the driver to meet his obligation for appointments with other scheduled customers.
  3. Delays are sometimes unavoidable so we provide a 15-minute grace period after the agreed collection time. Waiting time charges after the grace period will be charged at £7.50 per 15-minutes or part thereof for taxi fares or private hire following the agreed collection time.
  4. Passengers must contact the driver or the company if they encounter any delay effecting collection/departure times. If the company or driver has not received notification of passenger delay the vehicle will only be able to wait for all passengers to board a maximum of 15-minutes after the agreed collection time.  If passengers fail to board the vehicle within 15-minutes of the collection time the driver may terminate the booking and the vehicle will depart for the next scheduled commitment.
  5. Unscheduled variations to the agreed times, routing or itinerary may incur additional costs.  We reserve the right to invoice or charge to the hirers’ credit/debit card the additional costs incurred due to variations to the original schedule.
  6. Additional mileage incurred due to expediting the journey, diversions, road closures, accidents or delays will be charged at £1.95 per mile or part thereof.
  7. Additional hourly hire rates for Wedding and Corporate Limousines are £50.00 per hour or part thereof.
  8. The driver may refuse to transport passengers and or luggage if the vehicle becomes overloaded.  The booking may be terminated if the hirer or any passengers cause excessive delays, are profoundly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are disorderly or, in the drivers judgement, are unfit to travel.
  9. The Hirer shall be liable for the full valeting costs and any financial losses occurring as a result of the vehicle being taken out of service for valeting plus the cost of any repairs, replacement parts, and labour if Fouling/Vomiting or if any other damage is caused to the vehicle by any passengers and we reserve the right to invoice or charge to the hirers’ credit/debit card the costs incurred. Minimum Charge shall be £100.00.
  10. All passengers (including children) are required by law to wear the seat belt restrains provided in the vehicle.
  11. Absolutely no bottles, cups or drinking glasses are to be carried into the passenger compartment of the vehicle.
  12. It is not permitted to carry or consume food or drink in the passenger compartment of the vehicle except by arrangement.
  13. Smoking is not allowed in the vehicles.
  14. The vehicle may be equipped with CCTV surveillance security cameras and recording device.
  15. Violence, Foul Language, Intimidation, Antagonism, or any other form of Anti-social behaviour towards the driver or any member of staff of this Company will not be tolerated, and may result in the termination of hire and or Police involvement.  Termination of hire caused by Anti-Social behaviour will render the hirer liable for the full hire charge.  Acts of Vandalism or Malicious Damage to the vehicle will be prosecuted.
  16. For Chauffeur and Wedding car hire, a deposit of £50.00 per car is required and payable at the time of booking (£100.00 per car for weddings) and is non-refundable.  The company must receive the balance in full at least 6 months prior to the event date by cheque, cash or credit/debit card payment.
  17. If the car booked becomes unavailable we reserve the right to substitute the vehicle for another with suitable capacity.
  18. Once a booking has been confirmed, there is no right of cancellation other than agreed with the company and at its discretion. Booking cancellations must be made in writing to the company with the reason for cancellation.  The full outstanding balance is payable for chauffeur car hire and wedding car hire if a cancellation is received within 6 months of the event/wedding date.
  19. Chauffeur Car Hire, Taxi & Private Hire Cancellation Refunds14 days prior to departure day – Full refund (less costs)

    7-14 days prior to departure day – 50% refund (less costs)

    0-7 days prior to departure day – No refund

  20. Cost estimates for journeys are cash price.  Cheques incur an overhead charge of £0.60 per transaction to cover bank charges and may be accepted if presented with a valid Bankers Card and signed in the presence of a Town and Country employee.  Customers paying by Credit or Charge Cards incur an administration charge of 3.5% per transaction to cover overheads plus the relevant prevailing commission dependant upon card provider.  Payments for non-cash transactions are required at the time of booking the reservation and prior to departure.
  21. Whilst every effort will be made to arrive at the customer’s address or destination punctually the Company shall not be liable for any losses resulting from late or non-arrival of the hired vehicle at the customer’s address or destination due to accident, incident, delays, severe weather, electrical or mechanical breakdown, or any other circumstances beyond its control.  In the event of unforeseen delays the Company will endeavour to contact the hirer by telephone.  It shall be the Hirer’s responsibility to allow adequate time to reach their destination.  We strongly recommend that Travel Insurance be taken out where appropriate.
  22. Children aged 1 to 4 must be provided with a baby seat by the client and use an adult seat and seatbelt.  Babies less than 1 year may be carried in a carrycot or on an adult’s lap as long as the total number of passengers does not exceed including the baby in a 6-passenger MPV or 8 including the baby in an 8-passenger MPV excluding the driver. If the company elects to provide child seats or booster seats they are to be used solely at the clients or guardians risk and it shall be the customer’s responsibility to ensure the correct size and suitability for the child, the correct seat securing method and fitting and the safety of the seat provided. No claim for accidental injury however caused due to the use of the child seat or booster seat can be entertained by the company. Clients or guardians are legally responsible if allowing children to travel without supplying baby/child seats.
  23. Animals may be carried in customers specialist pet carriers that provide protection to the vehicle @ £2 per animal (Excluding Guide, Hearing Dogs and other Assistance Dogs, which are carried Free of Charge).
  24. The customary service charge of 10% is not included in the fares – Gratuities for the driver are at the customer’s discretion.
  25. We reserve the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions at any time.