Tour Highlights

  • Entry to Stonehenge
  • Georgian City of Bath
  • The Roman Baths and Pump Rooms
  • Lacock – the village time forgot

Building began over 5000 years ago. You will hear how the ancient Britons quarried, carved and lifted these stones. No place has generated so much speculation and wild theories as the standing stones of Stonehenge. After driving for miles through the rolling hills and plains of the English countryside the sight of this unusual structure makes people gasp. A walk around it only provokes more strange feelings. There’s a sense that this is something very important. It taunts us with its mystery. Yet despite all that has been learned about its age and construction, its purpose still remains one of the great mysteries of the world.

Famous for it’s Roman history and Georgian architecture, Bath has an atmosphere that is unsurpassed. Enjoy a guided tour around this World Heritage city, once home to Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Gainsborough, Lord Nelson and Beau Nash.

See the impressive architecture surrounding Royal Crescent and The Circus, Pultney Bridge and the weir, Bath Abbey and the Assembly Rooms. Hear the history of the city and find out about the characters that have shaped it into the city we see today.

There will be plenty of time to visit the Roman Baths and Museum, the Pump Rooms and even Sally Lunn’s Tea Shop. You can explore the quaint shops and weave you way through the narrow streets. You could even enjoy a picnic beside the rushing waters of the River Avon.

This tour also visits the medieval village of Lacock. The village is owned by the National Trust and has hardly changed in 200 years. There is a magnificent Abbey, half-timbered cottages and greystone houses. The village is often used as a setting for the film industry. In recent years Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, Moll Flanders and even Harry Potter have been filmed here!

Lacock Abbey